Meet the Smiles - Behind the Service

You can always rely on comprehensive, courteous service
When it’s all said and done, it's not just top of the line products and service that make the difference. It’s the caliber of the people that are found behind the scenes that manage and support Anavon's day to day operations. Their helpful spirit and determination to provide excellent customer service is what drives our company and benefits our family of customers.

Russ Madsen, President
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1015
Duties: Operations, Vendor Relations
Deb Homan, Bookkeeper
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1013
Duties: AP/AR/ General Accounting
John Lewis, Senior Sales Director
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1001
Duties: Sales and Service
Michelle Yount, Accounts Local Services Manager
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1016
Duties: Major Acct Mgt, Service, Sales
Gary Walter, Chief Technician/ Install Manager
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1004
Duties: Systems Installation
Scott Huxley, Sales Manager
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1002
Duties: Sales & Support
Jeff Jordon, Technician
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1004
Duties: Systems Installation
Jonathan Gafill, Web Manager/Senior Developer
Direct: 877.872.0812 x1007
Duties: Web Services Development


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