Best Phone Systems for Small Businesses Serving N. MI

The best phone solutions for small businesses in Traverse City

Best Phone Systems for Small Businesses Serving N. MI

The Best Business Phone Systems for Small Businesses and Startups

When you are laying out your plans to launch your new business, it is likely that you did not give a significant amount of consideration to the type of phone system that you would install when you opened the office. Don’t worry, you are not the only one. While phone systems are hardly ever at the top of the priority list of small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, they play a significant role in business performance and customer service. So, finding the right phone system for your small business or startup is immensely important.
As with most services and products, there is no one-size-fits-all phone service that stands out head and shoulders above the rest. It depends on the size of your business, how many employees are in the office, how much call volume you will be expecting and more. There are a number of different phone systems out there, including some of the more popular ones, such as PBX, VoIP and even traditional phone lines set up with basic-service phone companies.
Following is an explanation of how the top services work and what types of businesses they work best with.

VoIP Systems

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. One of the problems associated with older traditional phone systems is that they were expensive and it was difficult to scale them up as businesses grew. With VoIP systems, one of the immediate benefits is a lower cost of installation and operation. The system uses a broadband internet connection, through a hosted VoIP system protocol that offers a number of advantages that can be useful for small to mid-sized businesses.
Some of the more commonly promoted benefits of a VoIP system include:

  • VoIP systems are easier to install than most business systems, which is an added plus for a start up company. Additionally, these types of systems are easy to configure and maintain. The installation process is so simple that even those who have limited technical skills can get it done.
  • VoIP systems have the capacity to be scaled up and down as dictated by shifts in the business. It is not easy to accurately predict the number of phones that will be needed, and therefore, it is highly possible that there will be a need in the future to scale up or down to find the most efficient performance for the phone system. With VoIP scaling is extremely simple.
  • A range of call features is supported through VoIP systems, including call hunt, call hold, call transfer, conference calling and more. Even older functions, such as faxing are supported on this system.

PBX Systems

PBX systems are also immensely popular, being one of the most commonly installed systems for all types of businesses. As with the VoIP system, the PBX system has the ability to save your company money over the long-term. Another benefit associated with PBX systems is the flexibility in performance and functionality it offers.
Some of the most mentionable benefits of using a PBX system include:

  • Cost savings are always a concern when it comes to launching a start up or operating a small to mid-size business. The good news is that PBX systems prove that installing a highly functional phone system does not have to annihilate your budget. PBX hosted system will cost significantly less that most other technologies that involve on premise owned systems.
  • The functionality involved with PBX systems is remarkable, and with so much demand for businesses to perform at high levels, while effectively managing cost, this system answers the bell. The system facilitates a higher quality of communication between departments, resulting in a more coordinated work flow process.
  •  International and long-distance phone calls are routed through the internet, staff can work from anywhere, which is great for companies that have mobile elements.
  • Scaling is always a concern when it comes to businesses, especially in this new global economy. Business needs as far a communication goes, can change quickly and often. Having the capacity to scale up or down to meet the change in communication demands is huge, and PBX is up to the task.

While you may consider using a traditional phone system offered by the phone company, it is definitely not recommended. So, if you have to choose between the VoIP and the PBX, which one will be best for you. If you are looking for an easy installation process that has a low-cost front end, then the VoIP system is definitely what you are looking for. If you are looking for a more functional system that will save money in the long run, because of its functionality, then you will be better served installing a PBX system.

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