Phone Repair: Should You DIY or Have a Pro Do It? | Traverse City

Phone Repair: Should You DIY or Have a Pro Do It? | Traverse City

Apple’s iPhone is perhaps the most iconic smartphone in the world. Unfortunately, even though it is also quite durable, able to withstand drops with barely a scratch, it is also the type of phone that most frequently needs repairs. You may have dropped your iPhone a few times already with the most minimal damage, but over time, something can easily go wrong. Perhaps you’ve dropped it one too many times or accidentally dropped it into a toilet. When such a mishap occurs, it can be disastrous and leave you feeling completely at a loss. Your smartphone is more than just a gadget, it is a lifeline that contains everything you need. Plus, of course, it is also your phone, as well as your means to text and email.


What Do You Do When Your iPhone Needs Repairs?

Whether your iPhone has suffered a cracked or completely shattered screen or the battery is faulty and needs replacing, it can be daunting determining what course of action to take when the device needs repairs. There are generally two options available to you. One, you can take your phone to the nearest Apple Store and have the repairs made there. The second option is tackling the repairs on your own.

If you go with the Apple Store option, you will have repairs on your iPhone done in a professional manner that should be completely up to par in terms of quality. Repairs made at the Apple Store are also relatively fast. For example, if you needed a battery replacement, you could get your iPhone back within an hour to an hour and a half after your Genius Bar appointment.

Repairing problems with your iPhone by yourself is considerably cheaper. However, if you are a novice at it, it could take you a while.


What to Know About Making Your Own Repairs to iPhones

It’s important to know one thing about the decision to make repairs to your iPhone on your own. Even if you have the skill to tackle any type of repair, Apple will void the warranty on the phone. This is because it involves opening the iPhone to do the work.

Although your warranty is expired one year after the purchase of an iPhone, you can still have repairs made at the Apple Store for a reasonable price. For instance, if your iPhone’s battery is worn out but your warranty has already expired, you could get a replacement for free if you are covered under AppleCare. If you weren’t covered by AppleCare, you would only have to spend $79 for a replacement battery. Likewise, you can expect much of the same if you needed to replace a broken screen. Going through Apple without a warranty or AppleCare would cost you $129 for the latest model, the iPhone 7, and $149 for the 7 Plus. With AppleCare, it would cost $29 to replace the screen of any iPhone.


Should You Tackle iPhone Repairs Yourself?

Deciding whether to make repairs to your iPhone yourself depends on your confidence level and if you’ve had prior experience in doing so. If you have a good, steady hand and have made repairs to smartphones before, you might want to take a crack at it, especially if your warranty is already expired. You will need certain tools as well, so if you decide to make repairs on your own, be sure you have all the necessary equipment beforehand.


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