Why You Should Switch To Anavon’s Hosted Phone Systems

Why You Should Switch To Anavon’s Hosted Phone Systems

Telecom solutions are the unsung heroes of the corporate world. Without phones, we would have to use email, which can be highly impersonal, or go back to the days of letters and the Pony Express. With professional telecommunication solutions for your company, your business will be well equipped to take on just about anything that comes your way. However, phone systems that are customized to your company’s specific needs will prove to be even better. With Anavon Technology Group’s Hosted PBX phone system, you’ll get custom telecom solutions made just for your business. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the reasons that you should make the switch to the top-rated hosted phone system from Anavon.

No Maintenance

With Anavon’s Hosted PBX phone system, you won’t have to worry about scheduling maintenance for your telecom solutions. Using cloud-based software, you won’t have to wait for telecom maintenance to come to you, as your Anavon phone systems will automatically update. You also won’t have to worry about missing calls, as our telecom solutions won’t interrupt your business. With Hosted PBX phone solutions from Anavon, your company will benefit from custom phone systems that are always up to date and will never slow your business down.

No Repairs

With other phone systems, you have to deal with that unsightly box on the wall that houses all of the equipment for your telecom solutions. Every time you need repairs or upgrades, that box gets a little more expensive and even more unsightly as the days go on. Our Hosted PBX phone systems come with a 100% warranty, which means that if any portion of your custom phone system equipment fails, Anavon will replace it at no cost to you. That means that you can finally get rid of that pesky box and use phone systems that are tailored to your company’s needs.

Never Outgrow

Traditionally, a company would get telecom solutions that would work great for the first little while. Eventually though, the company grows, which can cause problems with the telecom services that were just put into place. With Anavon’s Hosted PBX system, your custom telecom solutions will be able to grow with your business. Unlike traditional PBX systems that stay the same, Anavon’s phone systems are designed to adapt to the needs and size of your company. This means that no matter how big your company gets, your Anavon Hosted PBX system will be able to fully support all of your business’ telecom needs.

Never Obsolete

It’s happened to just about every business. You call up your telecom service company in order to get maintenance, upgrades, or repairs only to find that your telecom company doesn’t carry your phone system anymore. The same can happen with parts or maintenance for certain phone system models as well. Not only does that hurt your business, but it frustrates you and causes stress between you and your telecom company. With Anavon’s Hosted PBX phone systems, you won’t have to worry about your phone or its components becoming obsolete. All of our technology stays up to date and will always be supported by Anavon.

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Declan Clifford
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