Managed Voice Backup PRO

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Anavon Managed Voice Backup PRO

Automatic backup for voice, making downtime a thing of the past!
Plan NOW to keep your communications up and running!

Business Connectivity

Prepare your business communications to stay connected 24/7/365 with Anavon Managed Voice Backup PRO.

Seamless Transition

With automatic 4G wireless backup, your phone calls will pass seamlessly between connections.

Extremely Affordable

For a small monthly fee, you can provide your business with the peace of mind that comes from having redundant voice services.

Completely Reliable

With unmatched reliability, Anavon Managed Voice Backup PRO is supported by AT&T networks.

Complete Reliability to Keep you Connected!

Managed Voice PRO is our continuity solution providing complete reliability with an automatic 4G LTE backup.

Peplink Router

Managed Voice Backup PRO for only $29.95/Month*

*Backup PRO service requires Dual WAN Router with a USB Modem or SIM card connection and 36-month contract.

When you run a business, you need a strong reliable voice connection to keep you moving forward. When you’re not connected, it’s disruptive to your business. No business likes downtime – that’s why Anavon Technology Group now offers an automatic 4G LTE backup connection!

Automatic. Reliable. Affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need anything else to get this service?

Yes.  Managed Voice PRO requires a dual WAN router with a USB modem or SIM card connection.  Anavon provides several options for dual WAN routers, available with affordable financing.  When using Mitel or Polycom related phones, a static IP will be required from your ISP.

Will this service back up all our computers as well?

Currently, Managed Voice Backup PRO is only offered as a voice and credit card service backup solution.

Will I have backup service during a power outage?

Yes, when a battery backup is connected to our router.  Anavon offers battery back-ups starting at $89.95.

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