Benefits of a Video Security System for Your Business

Video surveillance has become a controversial topic even as privacy issues continue to loom. Video surveillance in your business has become a necessity. Your company is vulnerable to physical and financial dangers. Here is why you need digital surveillance in your enterprise.


Reduce Theft

Theft remains a major problem for many businesses. In fact, incidents of retail theft could be as many as 275 million across the world. Of these, only one arrest out of 46 incidents of retail theft has been made. Surprisingly, about 1/6 of those arrested are employees. Non-retail enterpriseface the risk of theft as well. It could be theft of intellectual property or company assets. Entrepreneurs should; therefore, weigh all these factors.


Boost Productivity

Recent studies suggest that video surveillance can increase enterprise productivity. With electronic surveillance, managers spend less time monitoring employees. That way they spend much of their time in other more productive ways. Video surveillance in a restaurant not only reduces incidents of theft but also leads to increased productivity and profits.


Remote Monitoring

Remote surveillance might be one of the most overlooked benefits of video surveillance. A highly integrated surveillance system can help you monitor your enterprise from anywhere in the world. All you need is a connection to the internet. You could use tablets, laptops, and mobile devices to monitor activities in your enterprise. You can use your smartphone to log into your surveillance system, and access archived footage, or view live streams.


Distributed Intelligence

With analog surveillance systems, you have to keep a sharp eye on every activity in your enterprise. You have to watch every hour of footage captured by your surveillance system. However, digital surveillance use distributed intelligence technology to bridge the gap in security coverage. It saves you the time spent viewing every minute of security footage captured by your CCTV cameras. Again, these systems have software programs that can recognize movement patterns. That helps monitor video feeds, specified behavior, and activities. Subsequently, alerts are generated and sent to the surveillance team.


Cost-Effective and Scalable

Digital video surveillance is economical compared to analog systems. CCTV cameras require less physical infrastructure to operate. Besides, digital cameras have a wider viewing angle. As such, you need fewer cameras to cover your compound. Again, they produce higher quality images than analog systems. Interestingly, you can compress digital feeds and store them using less space than analog videos.

As your coverage area grows, so does a digital surveillance system. That means a digital monitoring system grows with your business needs. You can easily integrate new digital cameras into the network as your coverage area grows. It can be more costly to integrate analog cameras into the system because of its wiring needs.


Improved Shopping Experience

The reason to install digital surveillance systems is not only about safety. You can use digital cameras to improve the shopping experience. Customers feel secure when a shopping mall has surveillance systems. Entrepreneurs could also study consumers’ shopping habits by viewing footage captured by surveillance systems. That helps optimize traffic patterns in the shopping mall as well as improve product placement.

Overall, video surveillance systems bring an impact to your company. If you don’t have sufficient funds to install new surveillance systems, you can always upgrade your current system. That will significantly improve security in your workplace.

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