Benefits of HD Meetings

Why HD Meetings are Right for Your Business

A decision that many small and large businesses must make is whether or not to use teleconferencing, in-person meetings, or HD meeting software to transmit their meetings. In almost every case, video meetings are a significantly more effective way to meet and conference. If you are unconvinced, here are just a few reasons why HD meeting software is the better choice.


Travel Time and Costs

Travel time and the costs related to travel and probably the most straightforward detriment to using in-person meetings. With in-person meetings, the business may have to spend precious funds to reimburse employees for gas and lodgings. This issue is negated through the use of HD meeting software. With this type of software, employees need not leave their local office or their home in order to participate in the meeting. Secondly, when in-person meetings are replaced with digital meetings, employees could spend the time that they would generally spend traveling working on important company tasks instead.


Engagement Through Eye Contact

During any basic public speaking course, the instructor will assuredly tell you that one of the most important parts of a successful conference or speech is audience engagement. One of the biggest details associated with engagement is eye contact. Generally, when a person is being spoken to, they tend to pay more attention and become more engaged if the speaker is maintaining eye contact with the audience members. With teleconferencing, this is simply impossible. Due to the audio-only nature of a teleconference or meeting, the only way that those who are not speaking can engage is through listening. However, when a meeting is done through an HD conferencing service, everyone is able to make eye contact with the speaker. This makes sure that when individual members of the meeting are not speaking, they can stay engaged with the current speaker by being able to make eye contact.


Engagement Through Visual Aids

While staying on the topic of engagement, generally one of the most important ways to keep the meeting attendees engaged and digesting information is through the use of visual aids like tables and charts. When taking part in a teleconference, the lack of the visual medium makes it rather difficult to use visual aids unless they have been sent to the attendees beforehand. This is not the case with HD meetings. Much of the existing landscape of video conferencing software allows members of the meeting to use their computer to display their screen, including visual aids and tables, to the other attendees of the meeting. Not only does this make video meetings significantly more interesting, but it also helps the other members of the meeting retain the quantitative information associated with the points of your presentation or meeting. In addition, the use of video aids in HD video conferencing also makes your meeting more memorable as the attendees will be able to remember more than just the voices from the meeting.

As you can see, HD meeting software is the better solution in almost every situation. It not only creates savings, but it also makes meetings more engaging and interesting. Stop wasting your time and money by having unnecessary in-person meetings and telephone meetings; Start having digital HD meetings for your business’ sake.

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