Best Phone System for Entrepreneurs - Twilio, VOIP, PBX?

Guide to Choosing the Best Phone System for Your Business

The first step for an entrepreneur seeking the best phone system is to formulate patterns of communications used most frequently in daily business. Dedicated systems like PBX and VoIP are recognized for ease of setup in small to large businesses. Today’s PBX phone systems are most popular in businesses with multiple locations and are technologically state-of-the-art with virtual PBX that revolutionizes Cloud Computing formats. In multiple locations, this is a big savings IT management prefers. Since PBX utilizes both intra and inter-company business communication, it offers a variety of communication channels like analog, ISDN, and VoIP. It is a highly efficient choice when security and privacy are required.

VOIP Phone Systems

VoIP is another type of phone system that allows the use of the internet to send voice data. In public switched telephone network (PSTN) phone systems, voice communication is the traditional form of communication used by commercial businesses. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is composed of software and hardware that transmits phone communication utilizing internet protocol.

Sorting Through the Choice of Phone Systems

Depending on the type of PBX phone system you choose, there is a difference between PBX systems that rely on IT control. If security is an issue for your business, Virtual PBX offers greater security.

There is no worry about upgrades with PBX phone systems or the added cost of hardware for virtual PBX. This system can be connected in-house to existing computers and also to mobile devices offering greater choice.

In many small businesses, it’s easy to see why VoIP is so popular. It allows small business owners to reduce costs by using existing computer systems. With VoIP, it’s necessary to have a reliable broadband internet connection.

One of the best benefits of VoIP is that it is a big savings over the cost of traditional phone systems where taxes and fees add costs.

VoIP offers the same type of functionality that PBX phone systems do. Since VoIP communication is via the internet, it allows business owners to correspond with customers and vendors over a global platform.

Phone System Design, Planning, and Management

For a busy entrepreneur, the time and effort it takes to design, plan and manage phone systems are less cost-effective and efficient than choosing telecommunications experts. The cost for expert assistance is negligible compared to the cost of lost time to implement the best phone system.

The investment in choosing Anavon Technology to design, plan and manage business phone systems is returned in savings enjoyed over the long term.

Expert Assistance with Anavon Technology

All businesses divert into various channels during the course of normal business transactions. In order to capitalize on sales and marketing, it’s important to choose a single source expert with highly trained technicians.

At Anavon Technology, entrepreneurs are assured of one source of assistance for all of their phone system needs. Anavon Technology provides security systems and installations, service and repair, and cellular and computer repair services.

With a one source telecommunication provider, Anavon Technology meets entrepreneur needs and helps their businesses maintain telecommunications budgets.

In a changing world of technology, business owners can’t afford to take chances with obsolete phone systems. Today’s businesses know the importance of communications with their suppliers and vendors as well as the global internet community to reach sales and marketing goals.

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