Employee Theft: Are You Watching?

In a perfect world, employers would need no background checks, credit reports, or drug tests because everyone passing through a company’s Human Resources department would come with a guarantee that there are no shenanigans in a candidate’s past prohibiting him or her from being hired.

But the world is less than perfect, which is why private investigators, cybersecurity professionals, and those who undertake credit background checks are in such demand on the job market at the moment. That stated, not every business owner needs nor desires high-priced experts to keep tabs on merchandise or cash in the care of workers with sticky fingers. All you need is the right business security monitoring system.

Numbers don’t lie

Not much has changed since “Fortune” magazine investigated workplace theft a couple of years ago. The U.S. remains #1 on lists of nations experiencing this crisis. Merchandise disappears from stock rooms, retail shop shelves, inventories, and anywhere else a wily worker can target if the urge to steal strikes.

October through January may be holiday consumer sales nirvana, but this four-month period is also pilfering season. Estimates put the cost of vanishing merchandise at around $403 annually per U.S. household. Cash? It’s just as vulnerable—-more so since it’s harder to sneak a computer out of a workplace than it is to snatch $20 bills.


Why employees steal

Is it personal? Could be, says Terry Shulman, author of the book “Biting The Hand That Feeds: The Employee Theft Epidemic.” When caught, explanations come down to a mix of disgruntlement and compulsion. Status and class differences contribute. Sometimes all it takes is being embarrassed by the boss in public to trigger the urge for revenge. Factor in availability of items to which an offended employee feels entitled, and circumstances align.

Even humane practices like extra holidays, sick days, employee assistance programs, and the other perks of employment won’t necessarily make a dent in the problem—which is why the best you can do is protect yourself against loss by putting checks and balances into place. Whether your business employs half a dozen workers or a warehouse full of them, electronic surveillance systems simply make good sense.


6 great reasons to get a security monitoring system

1. Monitoring systems are discreet. Position as many cameras as you like around your facility and they won’t stand out.

2. Monitoring systems are economical. A one-time set-up, hardware, and software installation is all it takes to start monitoring.

3. Monitoring systems can be upgraded. Add to your system over time so it’s more expansive and sophisticated.

4. Monitoring systems capture proof. Choose a system that captures worker theft footage and take your proof to court.

5. Monitoring systems use space efficiently. Ceiling-mounted cameras don’t occupy a foot of precious floor space.

6. Monitoring systems are affordable. You don’t have to add features you don’t need so your bottom line stays healthy.

Our products and services surpass competitors

In addition to understanding the security monitoring system industry more the most, we’re also well-versed in legalities attached to the installation of workplace surveillance equipment so you can feel confident everything about your installation is by the book.

According to FindLaw.com, as long as you have a legitimate justification for needing a video system and you make employees aware of it, you won’t violate federal, state, or local laws. We keep tabs on workplace privacy issues and labor laws as they are enacted because we want to be at the forefront of new legislation and regulations that impact our clients. Find out how our video surveillance solutions can work for you by contacting us now.

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