Is VoIP Good For Business? | Traverse City

Voice over internet systems have been around since the late 1990s, but uptake has been slow. Applications for VOIP for business have been around since the early 2000s and these applications have seen continual growth. VoIP has exploded in the last several years due to the availability of adequate bandwidth at good prices and the proliferation of quality providers. Going with a voice-over IP phone system can be one of the smartest moves you can make for your business. It will reduce your costs and make your business more professional.

Reduces Your Phone Cost

If money matters to your business, then going to an internet-based phone system is what you need to be looking at. The cost savings can be staggering. Gone are the days when business phone lines carried a premium cost. Prices are dramatically less and the number of services offered is more than ever before. Your business can choose between many different pricing tiers based on your business needs.

You can have an entire virtual PBX system in the cloud now. There aren’t the hardware costs nor are their ongoing maintenance issues. Phones can be programmed through a simple web-based site and put online quickly. Likewise, your business can scale up and down very easily and only pay for the lines that you need when you need them.

Unites Phone Numbers

A VOIP system can serve to unite your phone numbers. One phone system can accept multiple phone numbers on one device. It’s easy to have one number for sales, one number for customer service, and so on down the line. All of the numbers can be programmed to ring a single phone. A person operation suddenly appears like a larger enterprise.

Give Your Location Independence

If you need to deal with clients on a regular basis, it can feel like you are chained to your business. VOIP systems can give you freedom. You can install softphones on your mobile phone and use your system wherever you have an internet connection. You can also choose to forward your number to any other number you want to.

With your newfound location independence, you can take of your business wherever you want to be. You finally clear time for vacations and know that you can show the same professional appearance to your clients. They’ll think you are in the office ready to help them.

Makes Your Business More Professional

Voice over Internet phone systems makes your business more professional. This reason alone is enough to overshadow every other reason why your business needs an IP-based phone system. You aren’t limited to just adding a voicemail to your number. Instead, you can have an entire phone tree added to your phone system without the need to purchase any hardware.

Phone Tree

A phone tree is usually the domain of large companies, but even a one-person office can take advantage of a phone tree with their IP-based phone system. Imagine callers making a call to your number and they immediately get a greeting and options to speak with different departments such as service, sales, or administration. Each department can have its own voicemail system or the calls can be forwarded to any phone number. Customers immediately feel like they are talking to a professional business.

The time is now!

If you haven’t yet explored a voice-over-internet system, then now is the time to look at how your business can profit. With benefits like reducing your phone costs and giving you location independence, making your business more professional is just icing on the cake. Utilizing VOIP for your business is a smart move that takes your business to the next level.

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