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Water and electronics don’t mix. The vast majority of manufacturers try to make their phones as resistant to water damage as possible, but wet phones are still a major problem. Most of them can handle a little bit of rain, but dropping one in a puddle or otherwise getting it soaked will often destroy it. Fortunately, there are a few ways to minimize the risk of damage to the phone and even to repair it after it gets wet.

Immediate Reactions

The repair process needs to start as soon as your phone gets wet. A lot of people panic and freeze up when their phone takes the plunge, but you need to get it out of the water as quickly as possible. You should also turn it off immediately. There can be problems even if your phone looks like it is fine, so you should never keep the phone turned on while wet. Turning it off won’t guarantee that you can repair the damage, but it will do more than anything else to increase your odds of success.

Once your phone is out of the water and turned off, try to put it somewhere absorbent, such as on a towel. You’ll need a little bit of time to get the materials to fix it, and it’s best to give it a chance to start drying out while you do it.

Don’t Make It Worse

You should be careful not to push water deeper into your phone while you handle it. That means not pressing buttons, shaking the phone, or blowing on it if you can avoid doing so. You should also avoid heat, since applying heat to the phone can damage it as easily as water can.

Two-Stage Drying

Start the repairs by disassembling the phone. You don’t need to take out every piece, but you should remove everything that is designed to be removed by the owner. Once you finish that, start by drying the exterior of the phone with a towel. Be as gentle as you can, but get rid of all of the water you can find. A very small and gentle vacuum cleaner can also suck some water out at this stage.

The interior is the hard part. Put your phone and its parts into a bag of dry rice. Silica gel packets can work if you have them, but most people don’t. Let it sit in the rice for a few days, and don’t touch it while you wait. The rice will naturally absorb moisture from the air, which creates an environment that sucks water out of the phone. It takes time, but it’s your best bet for drying out the phone.

Get Help

If worst comes to worst and you can’t fix the problem on your own, you can still avoid buying a new phone. Experienced technicians have the tools and skills to repair the vast majority of damaged Android phones. In particular, they can safely do a complete disassembly of the phone to apply special drying tools. Repairs are usually cheaper than replacement, so it’s always worth getting in contact Anavon Technology to see what they can do for your phone.

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