What is a Hosted Phone System? How can one Benefit my Company?

There is no doubt that customers are the lifeblood of any business. As such, it is important for business operators to keep the doors of communication with their customers open. While modern technology that includes the internet has changed the way firms and their customers communicate, there is still no substitute for a good old phone call, and any successful business will need an effective phone system to make this possible.

Before the advent of the internet, most sizable businesses made use of phone systems known as Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. These PBX systems provided easy access between public phone networks and private internal business networks, enabling accurate routing of both incoming and outgoing calls.

The arrival of internet technology has changed the overall business landscape, and this change has, in turn, required the development of new types of telephone systems that can handle the demands and needs of quickly evolving customer bases. These new kinds of phone systems are known as hosted PBX systems, and they have forever changed the ways that businesses can interact with their clients.

This article will take a closer look at this subject, and will educate readers about hosted PBX, how it works, and some of the benefits that this new technology can bring to the table.

So, Just What is Hosted PBX?

As was mentioned earlier, classic PBX systems are internal phone networks that are used to allow communications between members of the public and members of the business in question. These classic systems were often capable of performing many functions other than simply routing calls, including setting up queues, providing voicemail services, and providing messages and music for people who were on hold. One of the things that characterize regular PBX systems is the need for a lot of extra in-house telecommunications hardware to allow these systems to function as planned.

Hosted PBX systems provide all of these valuable services, and then some. Hosted PBX systems also allow for conference calls, dial by name directories, and even for the option of live operators. One of the main things that set hosted phone systems apart from regular PBX systems is the ability to make business networks as widely distributed as they need to be. This capability makes it easy for modern businesses to take advantage of the power of mobile technologies that have come into being as a result of the advent of the internet.

Now, employees who live far from their actual business offices can be reached over these networks on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other internet-connected devices. This allows for such businesses to be widely distributed while giving their employees the ability to interact with customers, even if these employees and the businesses for which they work are located in different countries. In a very real way, hosted PBX systems support the decentralized nature of many modern businesses, and likely represent the wave of the future.

How do Hosted Phone Systems Work?

Hosted PBX systems are fully functional business phone systems that are not physically located at the businesses that use them. Rather, most of the equipment and technologies that make the system go are located on the cloud and are accessed through high-speed internet connections. Even though little or no actual phone system hardware is actually located at the businesses in question, employees and customers of these businesses can still call in or out and can reach each other at will. Not only that, but these remote phone systems can generally provide greater functionality than older business-based systems.

How can Hosted PBX Systems Help my Business?

The remote and distributed nature of cloud-based PBX systems can provide businesses with many benefits, benefits that office-based systems generally cannot match.

  • The Ability Scale up or Down as Necessary. In the past, it was generally the case that only larger businesses could afford the costs associated with internal PBX systems. Modern hosted PBX systems can provide as much or as little functionality as businesses need, and also allow firms to only pay for the services that they use. This not only provides a place at the table for smaller and startup businesses, but it also allows these firms to scale up their usage based on their needs, saving them considerable amounts of money in the process. It also allows businesses to get their phone systems up and running in no time.

  • Reduction in Current Telecommunications Bills. Since most of the necessary hardware is now not necessary, businesses that take advantage of hosted PBX services can count on their current telecom bills getting much smaller.

  • Supports Greater Employee Mobility. Since many people now work remotely, having a hosted service in place allows participating businesses to hire just about anyone, anywhere

  • Enhanced Customer Service Capabilities. The internet allows people around to world to shop whenever they want. Hosted PBX systems allow businesses to serve these customers in real-time, 24/7

As can be seen, hosted phone services bring many benefits to the businesses that invest in them. Firms that wish to ride the waves of progress into the future may be well served to jump on this intriguing bandwagon themselves.

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