What is a PBX Phone System Used For?

In recent years, the majority of companies in the US have adopted Hosted PBX systems, which are VOIP types of systems that operate on the web. These programs are also known as cloud services as they are hosted by remote providers.

If you own or manage a business, you have probably come across the PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system. This is a phone network that allows workers or employees an opportunity to access phone calls while sharing a number of external company phone numbers or lines. Ideally, a PBX phone system allows your company’s phone number to be expediently routed to the appropriate agents or branches within your company.

Perhaps you are wondering why companies are going for this virtual option. Well, the overriding reason relates to the numerous major benefits derived from the use of PBX phone systems as explained below.

Why Use a PBX Phone System? - Total Integration 

It is evident that the world has become significantly computer-obsessed. You will, therefore, want to totally integrate your company into this mobile-connected world to improve your chances of success as an entrepreneur. This is where the virtual PBX system comes in handy as it will fully integrate your company’s operations into this wireless environment while synchronizing all your activities with your computer network.

Easy and Quick Installation

Since the installation of the PBX system does not include hardware or landlines, the process is almost instant and hassle-free. The only things required for installation are cell phones, tablets, and laptops, which renders the process painless. While some virtual phone providers will supply you with special VOIP phones, in most cases your current smartphones and computers will suffice, which is especially true if the size of your operation is not that big.

Cost Efficiency

Unlike your conventional landline systems, virtual phone systems come with cheaper costs due to the one monthly payment in place. This is, particularly accurate if you consider the reduced installation cost and ongoing maintenance expenses of landline systems. Besides, long-distance calls are cheaper than VOIP.

Total Scalability and Location Independence

There is nothing more scalable than a virtual phone system as you can add numbers or lines within seconds. This is an essential feature, especially if your company is growing rapidly and you wish to keep costs to a minimum.

Moreover, web-based phone service will allow your workers to have complete access, irrespective of their location. Location independence will free your company from being limited to one area; thus your clients can reach you 24/7 all year round.

Flexibility and Convenience

The virtual phone system is extremely flexible when it comes to call management. It provides you with a wide range of options, including direct routing, voice mail, or even a virtual secretary to keep you covered when you are operating on a limited budget. Besides, having a web-based system will provide you with added convenience as your workers will no longer be restricted to one location; calls are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Nothing irritates clients more than unresponsive customer care or one that delays unreasonably when handling their concerns. Fortunately, these phone systems can improve your customer interaction as your clients can be directed quickly to the appropriate service or agent, thus solving their problems swiftly.


This is a major benefit to be derived from incorporating virtual or cloud solutions in your phone network operations. Every company owner will agree that having a mobile system that is flexible, scalable, cost-efficient, and most importantly, integrated into the web will render any company extremely competitive.

Internet Fax

The majority of virtual phone providers will also offer online or internet fax as an additional feature, which can greatly benefit your company. Besides, unlike your conventional faxing methods, online faxing is portable, flexible, convenient, and considerably cheaper.

For all businesses, having an efficient phone system is vital to the operation. Regardless of its size. The simplicity of a PBX system is why so many companies are leaving their landline, cable companies, and business phone providers behind. A PBX system opens up the possibility of transferring calls or even receiving them on behalf of another without leaving your workstation.

Great business practices can be maintained through effective communication. It is imperative that you keep coming up with new and better communication strategies, which is especially crucial if your business has several branches that are located far apart. Using virtual phone systems will go a long way in ensuring the smooth running of your business. It is crucial that you choose and implement your PBX since your decision will determine the future success of your company. Contact Anavon for a free analysis of how we can help your business communicate better, and save you money on a business phone system.

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