Thank you for going above and beyond on this one. Your prompt service and willingness to test from on-site is TRULY appreciated. I will continue to refer you to others.
Andrew Kohlmann, Owner Image 360
The Anavon team has become our go-to for any technical issues that come up. From phone system support to security and I.T. support, they are always ready to jump in and get us where we need to be. Thank you for all your help with our new phone system. Your team went over and above to make sure all our phones worked with our property management system.
John Wilder, Director of Engineering - Grand Beach & Sugar Beach Resorts | Brookside Village Apartments
I've enjoyed working with the crew at Anavon Technology Group. They always come through for us whenever I need them. I've personally worked with the Anavon techs when we installed the Anavon Phone System in our 28 locations. They are very professional and knowledgeable, and quick to respond to our needs. The whole Anavon team are a great group of people to work with. I would highly recommend them for your telecom needs.
Dave Weber, Freeman Family Enterprises, LLC
Anavon has been a great resource for all of our internet, telecommunication and equipment needs. Their staff has taken care of complex communication issues with professionalism and promptness. Whenever we have a technical issue we rely on Anavon to make the arrangements to get the issue resolved.
Josh Gilde, LC Materials
I am happy to confirm that Anavon Technology Group provides really good continuous service, as well as, good quality equipment and installation of the IP phone systems. All businesses can benefit from their technology, expertise and the communication tools they provide. We have upgraded our system three times in the past 25 years due to the fast pace IT improvements and we are satisfied each time. Keeping up with technology is an important part of our Mission which concludes with the following statement: "Future growth will result from advances in use of current resources and by adding new resources with an eye towards being the leading edge of technology."
Neva Veliquette, Cherry Ke, Inc.
Before Anavon we struggled with communications. We were on a very old system that would not allow us to even transfer a call. We met with Anavon and they set us up with a new system, they trained us on how to use the system, and always followed up on our calls. We have since used Anavon again in another facility of ours. We are very happy with Scott and all the crew at Anavon!
Traverse Victorian Management
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