Tech Solutions for the Government Industry

Tech Solutions for the Government Industry

In government industries and businesses, technology is of the utmost importance. IT infrastructures must be able to serve thousands—communicating with everyone from colleagues to members of the public—while also being secure. Anavon Technology Group can improve efficiency in your office, giving you faster connection speeds and easy-to-use, cost-effective and cohesive office technology.

Communications Solutions for the Government Industry

Government buildings are often intricate and complex, which can lead to frustration on the caller's end, but also the in-house staff if they are unable to easily direct calls. Learn more about the benefits of Anavon Technology Group's managed VoIP for your governement office below.

  • Robust & comprehensive system
  • Collaborative and simple technology
  • Advanced call routing solutions
  • After-hours answering and voicemail customization
  • Fax-to-email (unified messaging)
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