Tech Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Tech Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Managers in the manufacturing world are increasingly aware of the cost-saving ability and enhanced benefits afforded by transitioning to IP, whether in communications, security cameras, wireless, access control or I.T.. Why choose Anavon? It's a matter of convenience, customer service, and custom solutions that are perfect for your manufacturing company.

Learn more about Anavon’s robust communication and technology solutions for manufacturers in Northern Michigan by reading below. 

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IP Benefits for Manufacturing Facilities

IP solutions eliminate the need for layers of support and maintenance is less expensive, more efficient, and easier to use.

  • Customized inbound call routing for fast and efficient call processing
  • Cell phone and smartphone integration
  • Integration with wireless and analog phones
  • Interconnection of various other IP technologies like cameras, access control, wireless, remote offices to provide seamless desk-to-desk dialing
  • Extensive call reporting
  • Call monitoring and recording
  • Voicemail and fax-to-email (unified messaging)
  • Redundancy and backup capability to maximize business continuity
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