“Powerful Communications for a Small Business Budget”

“Powerful Communications for a Small Business Budget”

Sick of using phone systems and telecom services that aren’t made for your business? When you need professional telecommunication solutions for your Traverse City company, be sure to partner with the best at Anavon Technology Group.

We offer some of the best telecom services you’ll find anywhere. NEC SL2100 professional phone systems are designed to be customizable for each role within a company. The NEC phone systems help your employees to be even more productive than before with features that anyone and everyone can use. With advanced features like caller ID, call redirection, and helpful shortcuts, your customer satisfaction will get a nice boost as well.

Our phone solutions will enhance the efficiency and production of your business. Our technology allows you to send clients where they need to go without picking up the line. Our advanced technology allows you to do things like check the call lengths of your employees to make sure they are within company standards.

For companies that use conference calls but never have everyone they need present for the call, you can now use remote conference services. With NEC and Anavon phone systems, your company will be able to grow and thrive. Contact Anavon Technology Group to get a free quote today.

Features & Benefits
Increase Your Productivity

Intuitive features that the whole team can use, without the need for training. Desktop phones, wireless handsets and applications include shortcuts that speed up working processes. Time-saving applications empower your team to become more productive.

Future Proof Your Business

The SL2100 allows you to tailor your communications to an individual’s role for enhanced efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, this means more value for your money, and system features based upon your business needs.

Improve Customer Service

With Caller ID displayed on the handset, you can give the appropriate greeting to callers and redirect calls from familiar numbers without answering, straight to the relevant colleague.  The Busy Lamp Field buttons let you view the call status of each colleague.

  • "Before Anavon we struggled with communications. We were on a very old system that would not allow us to even transfer a call. We met with Anavon and they set us up with a new system, they trained us on how to use the system, and always followed up on our calls. We have since used Anavon again in another facility of ours. We are very happy with Scott and all the crew at Anavon!
    Traverse Victorian Management
What can we help your business with?

Our goal is to give you the very best in telecommunications services, and to provide your business with cutting edge technology.