Premise Phone Systems (PBX)

What is a Premise Based Phone System?

What is a Premise Based Phone System?

Premise based phone systems are often referred to as PBX or simply a phone system. The word “premise” is derived from “premises” which is defined as an area, property, or site. Therefore, an on-premise phone system is where you physically have all of the equipment necessary for operating a switchboard system within your physical location. The premise phone system receives a dial tone from a traditional telephone trunk provider. The dial tone comes directly into your location and connects to your phone system. On-premise systems have a server on-site.

You, the end-user, are responsible for any upgrades, maintenance, and expansion of the system. Unlike the on-premise system, the Managed VoIP is cloud-based. You pay a monthly fee to lease all of the telephone equipment which is located somewhere off-site. The internet is used to connect the provider with the customer.

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The Advantages of Owning an On-premise Phone System
  • Ownership cost is lowered as the system grows.
  • No danger of fee increases.
  • You maintain complete control with full flexibility.
  • You can switch solutions or mix-and-match.
  • You have total control over every detail of your telephone system.
  • You can do what you want with your equipment.
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