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Michigan’s Top Rated Local® WebFax Company

Michigan’s Top Rated Local® WebFax Company

Affordable Faxing—Made Simple.

While not as prominent as it once was, many growing and established companies still rely upon traditional paper-based faxing in order to do business. For companies that still use fax, having to use unreliable or outdated fax services can be frustrating, to say the least. On top of that, if your fax services aren’t up to snub, your company could suffer. Lost messages, slow sending / receiving speeds, and unprotected lines could make doing business at your company nearly impossible. However, with WebFax from Anavon Technology Group, you’ll get some of the best fax solutions in northern Michigan.

With hosted faxing services from Anavon, you’ll get affordable faxing made simple. You won’t have to hassle with extra phone lines or clunky fax machines when you partner with Anavon. You’ll also only have one fax number and you won’t have to worry about things like busy tones. With WebFax from Anavon Technology, you’ll never have to stress out about lost faxes again with our audit trails. Your communications are all highly protected and are even HIPAA compliant with heavily encrypted fax to email. When you need professional telecommunication services, then be sure to partner with the best telecom company in northern Michigan, Anavon Technology Group.

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Features & Benefits
  • Affordable Faxing—Made Simple
    WebFax is an affordable and convenient hosed alternative to traditional fax service that will help you increase your productivity and improve your mobility while conserving natural resources. This powerful productivity tool assists in unifying your communications and allows access to your important fax communications from any web-connected device.
  • Port Your Existing Fax Number
    We can port almost any existing fax number to our secure WebFax service and new WebFax numbers can be set up in a day allowing you to receive faxes by e-mail whenever and wherever you choose. And with WebFax’s secure fax process and audit trails, you’ll never worry about fax not reaching its recipient or getting lost in their fax machine!
  • So Much More Than Your Traditional Fax
    Your WebFax service provides the convenience and flexibility unavailable with traditional fax systems, without the hassle of maintaining extra phone lines and fax machines. WebFax provides your business with a single number that allows you to receive faxes without worrying about busy tones, ink, or paper. Just connect to the internet and install the software—it’s that simple.
  • HIPAA Compliance
    With WebFax, your business can better protect the sensitive data of your customers, clients, or patients while sending and receive secure faxes. Unlike traditional paper-based faxing, WebFax’s fax to e-mail uses several layers of encryption to keep your faxes secure, ensuring complete privacy for all of your important faxes.
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