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Professional telecommunication solutions in Traverse City

Looking for the best telecom solutions in Traverse City? Anavon Technology Group has Managed Voice Solutions designed to help make business a breeze. When you need the best voice solutions in Traverse City, be sure to partner with Anavon. Contact us to get a free quote.

Why Choose Managed Voice Solutions From Anavon?

  • Custom phone solutions for your company
  • Never outgrow your telecom solutions
  • No repairs for your phone systems
  • No costly phone system maintenance
  • No obsolete telecom services
  • Phone solutions that grow with your company
  • And more!

“Finally A Phone System That Never Breaks!”

It just doesn’t make sense to install a box on the wall that you have to service, maintain, and then upgrade or purchase new cards or software for.  When you switch to Anavon Hosted, you’ll never have to worry about expensive repairs or upgrades again!

No Maintenance

Throw the service contracts out the window.  Anavon’s Hosted PBX updates via The Cloud, meaning that any software  updates occur automatically, with no interruption to your business.

You only experience the benefit of a system that stays up to date  with the latest technology.

No Repairs

As your phone system ages, that box on the wall where all of the equipment resides can start costing your business some serious money.

Anavon’s Hosted PBX comes with a 100% warranty—meaning that should any portion of the phone system equipment fail, we’ll replace it at no cost to you!

Never Outgrow

Your phone system may work for you now, but what about the future?  With a traditional PBX system, you run the risk of  outgrowing your phone system.

Wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a phone system that you know can easily (and affordably) grow as your business does?  Anavon’s Hosted PBX does just that.

Never Obsolete

You may have experienced it already—you call a telecom service company, only to find out that your phone system is no longer supported by the manufacturer, and they stopped making the parts!

With technology that stays up to date automatically, Anavon’s Hosted PBX is always supported!

Introducing Anavon’s Hosted PBX Platform

Anavon’s Hosted PBX delivers everything a business needs from executive phones to local service and long distance, all for less than what you’re paying for your Plain Old Telephone Service (POT’s).

Manage Everything, From Anywhere

Anavon’s mobile-friendly portal is easy to use for both admins and end users—make changes on the fly!

Let Employees Move

Whether it’s between offices or even between locations, your employees can seamlessly move desks - without IT help.

Make Sure Calls Get To The Right Place

With unlimited Auto Attendants and Call Routing options, every phone call will be directed to the intended recipient.

Send Calls Anywhere

Send calls to voicemail, to a co-worker, to an auto-attendant or to another phone or location.

Features of Anavon’s Hosted PBX

Get all of the features your business needs to stay ahead

Phone Features:

Call Display

Call Hold

Call Park/Retrieve

Caller ID with Name

Caller’s List



Message Waiting Indicator

Multiple Calling Line ID’s

Multiple Line Appearances


Power Over Ethernet Phones


Speaker Phone

Speed Dial

Station Busy Indicator

Three-Way Calling

Transfer to Voicemail

Service Features:

Account Codes



Broadcast Groups

Business Quality Voice

Call Coverage

Call Detail Records

Call Forward

Call Permission Profiles

Call Transfer

E911 Compliant

Extension Dialing

Hot Desking

Join/Leave Call Groups

Join/Merge Calls

Music On Hold

Phone Key Profiles by Type


Voicemail: Fwd to E-mail

Voicemail: return call

Voicemail: Fwd to Co-Worker

Voicemail: Dial-Out

Voicemail Notification: E-mail

Voicemail Notification: SMS/Text

MITEL 5300 Series Phones

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