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Welcome to a brand new IT technology experience. At Anavon, we give each client a comprehensive, tailored IT plan that’s affordable and on-demand, all with no contract, ever.

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The Break/Fix IT Solution Is Broken. Utilize Anavon’s Proactive IT Services To Prevent Issues Before They Ever Become Problems.

The relationship between a business and an IT company is personal. Your business needs proven outcomes and support that it can depend on. At Anavon, we give each client a comprehensive, tailored IT plan that’s affordable and on-demand, all with no contract, ever.

We take care of your IT needs, so you can take care of your business

When it comes to the technology you need to run your business, you have numerous options to choose from. Unlike many IT providers, Anavon Technology Group combines IT and small business consulting expertise to develop customized technology solutions for your business.

On-Demand and Fully Managed IT

With no contracts!  Our proactive approach to IT means that your business is notified about small issues, before they become major problems.  In addition, all IT customers receive our exceptional customer support – which means your business comes first, whether you utilize our on-demand or fully managed services!

Business Security and Firewalls

Business security comes in layers.  One of the first blockers of unsolicited data is your business firewall.  A good firewall keeps your business protected from being attacked over the internet by hackers, viruses, and worms.

Anti-Virus and Ransomware

Protect your business from some of the biggest threats on the internet today: viruses, spyware, ransomware, and even potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)—among many others.  Don’t leave your business susceptible to malicious attacks.

Data Backup and Recovery

Don’t allow a hardware or software failure, data corruption, or a human-caused event, such as a malicious attack (virus or malware), or accidental deletion of data cripple your business. Anavon Backup and Recovery tools allow your data to be restored from an earlier point in time to help your business recover from an unplanned event.

What Makes Anavon Different:

    • Professional installation
    • Amazing Customer Service
    • Local Technicians
    • Comprehensive, tailored solutions for your business
    • All-in-One: We handle all of your technology needs
    • And much, much more!

Running a business of any size is challenging, especially when you are working with out-of-date technology solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Anavon Technology Group has the right technology solutions for your growing business needs. Our affordable, on-demand IT Services with no contract, is revolutionizing the IT market. We don’t need to lock our customers in with expensive, confusing contract, because we keep our customers based on how we perform – the way we have been operating since day one. Our IT professionals have years of experience working with businesses of all sizes for all of their information technology, cabling, and data requirements. When your business needs professional IT services, be sure to partner with the best IT company at Anavon Technology Group.

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Call (877) 872-0812 to get a free quote today! 

Affordable, On-Demand IT Services with NO CONTRACT!

Businesses today are becoming more and more dependent on technology, so it’s important that your business partners with an IT company like Anavon to ensure that all of those devices communicate properly. Equipment that is improperly configured can result in downtime, and hours of lost productivity trying to resolve issues. With proactive IT solutions from Anavon, your business technology will run smoothly, while important updates and patches are performed during off-peak times, making your business more efficient all the way around.

Eliminate costly truck-roll fees by implementing remote management software on your computer devices that allow our IT professionals to remote troubleshoot issues, saving both time and money. But should your business require onsite assistance, our Technology Center is local, meaning that our IT professionals can be onsite quickly to help. If you need professional IT services, then Anavon is your one-stop shop for everything IT and technology related. Contact Anavon Technology Group to setup your “Affordable, On-Demand IT Services” today, and release your business from those binding contracts!

Hardware IT Services

Hardware IT Services

With Anavon’s hardware IT services, rest assured knowing that we are working to keep your equipment running smoothly. As a one-stop shop for all of your business technology needs, Anavon Technology Group has the trained professionals to monitor, repair, and replace your business hardware. For over 20 years, Anavon has prided itself on customer service, awesome support, and being there for our customers no matter what situations arise. Some of the hardware that Anavon supports are:

  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • And More!

Software IT Services

Software IT Services

Software is the brains behind your hardware’s brawn. It helps make your company run efficiently while also keeping records and data to help you recall vital information that your company needs. Unfortunately, sometimes software doesn’t always work as planned, which is why Anavon offers commercial IT services that can help iron out any software issues your company may be experiencing. From simple network problems, to more complicated software issues, our expert IT technicians can help get your company back on track with professional software IT services in Traverse City. See below for some of the software IT services that Anavon can offer your company:

Two guys pointing at labtop
  • RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management)
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Ransomware Prevention
  • Firewalls
  • And More!

Network IT Services

Network IT Services

When it comes to your business, a strong and healthy network is important in order to have a quick and efficient company. If your company’s network isn’t operating at 100%, you may be losing business due to customer frustration or an inability to work as proficiently as possible. Anavon Technology Group can help set up and maintain healthy network solutions for your company. Our Traverse City IT company can help provide your company with the perfect commercial network services from the very beginning.

Phone Repair
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Client and Site to Site VPN
  • SD-WAN
  • And More!

If you’re looking for the best commercial IT services, then look no further than Anavon Technology Group. Learn more about the best telecommunication company in Traverse City, or contact Anavon Technology Group to schedule your commercial IT services today!

Your IT Infrastructure is our Priority. Get Anavon IT Services Today.

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Your IT Infrastructure is our Priority

Anavon Technology Group becomes a virtual extension of your business, helping you to develop and maintain strategy that aligns with your business needs and goals.


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And say goodbye to complicated invoices, long wait times, and feeling like your business comes second. For over 20 years, Anavon has prided itself on customer service, awesome support, and being there for our customers, no matter what situations arise, the way a partner to your business should perform!

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