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Video is the way of the future for marketing, and professional video conferencing is becoming the standard for business interactions. Video conferencing allows companies to grow stronger relationships with employees as well as potential customers, clients, and partners. Rather than just hearing a voice over the phone, video conferencing let’s everyone in the meeting see each other, helping to build trust, camaraderie, and even moral. When you’re looking for the best video conferencing solution for your Traverse City company, be sure to partner with the best at Anavon Technology Group. Conduct important meetings around the world with HD video conferencing that works on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android systems.

When you need professional telecommunication systems for your Traverse City business, then Anavon is the perfect company for you. Not only do we offer some of the best video conferencing services in the country, we also offer high-quality phone systems, business security solutions, managed voice solutions, and more world-class telecom services. No matter what kind of telecom solutions you need for your Traverse City business, the experts at Anavon can help you. Keep scrolling to learn more about our video conferencing systems, or contact Anavon Technology Group to answer any questions and get a free quote today.

Create A Virtual Meeting Space

The business world is constantly evolving; workforces are more distributed and people are more mobile.

How do you connect with colleagues, partners and clients no matter their location? You need a virtual meeting space to bring everyone together.

Quick & Easy Set-Up

Joining a web conference with other virtual meeting services can easily become a hassle: a hefty download, confusing controls, the wrong software version, or an unsupported platform or browser can frustrate hosts and participants.

HD Meeting organizers and participants can join easily and quickly using any PC, Mac, and Iphone or Android device.

Video & Audio Recording

With HD Meeting, your business can record meeting video and audio for future use, whether for training or review purposes. Video records in MP4 format, and the audio records in MPEG 4 format.

While in the meeting, enjoy HD quality video for both parties, and dynamic voice detection, which highlights the person talking for clearer, crisper audio.

Calendar Integration

Connect instantly by letting others know your personal meeting room number, or schedule meetings using Outlook and Google Calendar integrations—either way, inviting participants takes just a few seconds.

HD Meeting makes joining a conference stress free with simple start-up prompts, and direct click links in the participants e-mail.

Advanced Features & Options For A Fraction Of The Cost

Many features that other virtual meetings either don’t offer or charge for, come standard with HD Meeting. Enjoy 24/7 support, 128-bit encryption, and smart reminders to let you know meeting attendees are waiting for you!

Benefits and Features:

Up To 100 Users Available

Real-Time Collaboration

Calendar Integration

Automated Reminders

Easy Recording

Integrated Chat

Share What You Want

Flexible Audio Access

Produce Reports

Safe & Secure

Host Transfer

HD Video

Free iOS & Android Apps

24/7 Technical Support

Dual Stream For Dual Screens

Custom Personal ID’s To Host Meetings

High Definition Audio

Share Keyboard & Mouse Control

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