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Business Security Solutions

Anavon prides itself in offering only the best security monitoring for your business.  Confidently protect the things that matter with Anavon’s professionally designed security systems.

Deter Theft, Intruders, & Protect Assets

From suppliers to employees, make sure only authorized people gain access to your business and operations.

Reduce Liability & Save On Your Insurance

A security system will reduce your risk from false claims, and could entitle your business to a substantial discount from your insurance company.

Reduce Shrink

Proper placement of your security cameras can ensure that your company is covered 24/7, 365 days a year—giving you and your employees peace of mind.

Improve Productivity

With a watchful eye over your operations, you can ensure that your business is running efficiently at all times.  Internet-based apps let you monitor your operations from anywhere.

Security System Features

All of our security camera systems start with a professional design and end with a quality installation from our security technicians.  We believe in using the best technology available to protect your business, and we stand behind the products we use – GUARANTEED.

Analog & Digital Solutions

1-5MP Cameras

Up To 30x Zoom

Up To 32TB of Storage

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We provide a FREE, no obligation security system quote.  Find out for yourself why business owners across Michigan are choosing Anavon for their security solutions.

“25-50% of Criminal Activity Could be Prevented”

Law Enforcement across the country are reporting that theft and burglaries are on the rise.  According to the NRF (National Retail Foundation), 38% of a businesses loss is from shoplifting, while a staggering 35% of loss is from internal and employee theft – accounting for $44 billion in losses last year!

Studies suggest however, that a business could prevent 25-50% of criminal activity simply by employing a video security system.  At the current crime rates, an investment now could pay for itself in months.

Fraudulent Claims

Some people make careers out of staging “slip and falls”. Fortunately, many of these claims have been successfully disputed by businesses using CCTV cameras in public areas.

Crimes Against Others

Businesses of all sizes, employ all kinds of people. And it’s not always the merchandise that needs monitoring. You must protect the valuables of your employees and your customers.

“Office Creepers”

Busy Offices with lots of expensive technology lying around invite “Office Creepers” to steal what isn’t theirs. A business equipped with surveillance video cameras in plain site will deter a creeper.

Customer Experience & More...

In a tough economy, it’s hard enough to earn a customer’s business. So it’s more important than ever to ensure that your employees are providing proper service to your customers.