Computer & Smartphone Repair

Hassle-Free Laptop & Phone Repair

Between our work and our personal lives, we rely on technology for a lot.  When you're dealing with broken computers and phones, the last thing you need is an additional headache caused by ineffective repairs and ridiculous prices. At Anavon, we have a team of experts ready to identify your issue and find a solution, at a price you can afford and in a timeframe that works with your busy schedule. Don't let broken tech slow you down - contact our team today to discuss your tech issues or stop by our shop for a drop-in fix!

Find us at: 1133 S. Airport Road Suite A, Traverse City, MI 49686

Why Choose Anavon for Computer & Phone Repair?
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: All electronic repairs come with a six-month warranty
  • Fast Repairs: We offer same-day repairs on most electronics
  • Diverse Knowledge: We can fix any model of laptop, computer, or smartphone
  • Technical Expertise: Our computer and phone repair technicians are the leading experts in Traverse City

Laptop Repair

For many professionals today, laptops are the only pieces of equipment needed on the job. A slow operating system, broken screen, audio or video issues, and anything in between can slow down productivity, costing you and your company. For reliable, expert laptop repair in the Traverse City area, look no further than Anavon Technology Group.

Desktop Computer Repair

While laptops have become the go-to mobile option for companies, many still rely on stationary desktop computers to keep their business running smoothly. With such a reliance on these devices, any issues will lead to downtime and major productivity losses for your company. Fixing your computer should be a top priority, and Anavon's technicians are here to make it as easy as possible. Give us a call and we will come to you! 

Cell Phone Repair

Accidents happen, especially with cell phones. From drops to operating system issues, the professionals at Anavon can help get your phone back to 100% with our expert mobile cell phone repair services. Can't make it into our shop? Give us a call and we'll come to you!

What can we help your business with?

Our goal is to give you the very best in telecommunications services and to provide your business with cutting-edge technology.