Project Consultation

Project Management Solutions

Project Management Solutions

Anavon Technology Group recognized early on that businesses and developers could benefit immensely by being able to consult with technology professionals on the specific technology needs of a project.  With so many solutions available, it can be difficult to decipher which solution would work best for your next project, and what solutions will come in at budget.

By consulting with Anavon Technology Group, your business or project can greatly reduce unforeseen expenses caused by implementing the incorrect solution or not properly planning for the deployment of your technology solutions.

When your business partners with Anavon Technology Group, you are gaining access to over 20 years of business technology experience, and the support of an entire team of professionals who ensure that your project needs are being met with efficient, cost-effective technology solutions.

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New Developments / Projects

New Developments / Projects

On new developments and projects, it is important to involve Anavon Technology Group early in the process. We will work with developers and architects to ensure that considerations are made for proper network placement, technology implementations, and solution feasibility.

Anavon can also assist in the process of writing and reviewing specifications (RFP’s) for the requested solutions. Often RFP’s will be written by individuals with limited technology experience so solutions can deviate from the actual requirements of the developer.

Ultimately, it is our objective to ensure that the project is seamless from start to finish and costly delays are eliminated. By involving Anavon early in the construction process, your business or project saves both time and money, while ensuring you are delivered the right solution.

Existing Business / Project

As a business grows, it is very common to experience the pains of growing especially when it comes to technology.  Existing hardware like phone systems are no longer sufficient for the demands of the business, or networking closets have become a chaotic bundle of cables from additions over the years.  No matter what the pain is, Anavon Technology Group is able to accommodate the business and find a solution.

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