Wireless Networking

WiFi Network

WiFi Network

A WiFi network is a wireless network that connects your internet router to your wireless-enabled devices (like printers, computers, and smartphones) in your business utilizing a wireless radio signal. A wireless network provides your business with convenience and mobility to access shared files, other devices on your network, and most importantly, connect to your internet.

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Basic Components of a Wireless Network

Wireless networks and traditional ethernet-wired networks have the same basic structure. The basic components of a wireless network are:

  • Router (or Wireless Router)
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP)
  • Wireless Adaptor–often called network interface cards (NIC’s)
  • Wireless Bridge (to wireless bring internet to another building without internet connectivity)
  • Wireless Controller

Optimize Connectivity

Optimize Connectivity

When you work with Anavon Technology Group on your wireless network, we look at several factors to optimize your wireless connectivity.


Does your existing wireless network cover all the key areas of your business where connectivity is required? Perhaps you have several buildings on your property and you want internet at each location.  Anavon Technology Group can install wireless bridges that utilize a single internet connection to provide internet to any number of remote outbuildings.  Our wireless networking professionals will assess your current coverage and make suggestions on areas you can improve your WiFi coverage.


Oftentimes, we will come across a business that only utilizes a wireless router and has one single network for both customers and employees to connect to. This presents many security risks for the business.  Anavon Technology Group helps businesses like this separate their wireless network into a private and guest network, both password-protected, to keep critical business data secure.

Bandwidth Usage

Today, more than ever, sufficient bandwidth for a business is mission-critical–especially for businesses utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. When an individual client (user) on the network is allowed to consume any amount of bandwidth that they want, this can severely affect the normal operations of a business. Anavon Technology Group can set up per-client bandwidth restrictions ensuring that your business is running at maximum efficiency, at all times.
To get started on optimizing your existing wireless network, or to implement a new secure wireless networking solution, contact our team of wireless network professionals at Anavon Technology Group.
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