TransTel TDS Series

“The Platform for Advanced Solutions”

The TransTel TDS Series is a feature rich telecommunications platform that has the ability to meet today’s

needs and the flexibility to grow with your business into the future.


Door Access Control Phone

The new TransTel ACP-40 is a fully features door phone/intercom with a  touch interface.  The ACP-40 includes an integrated MiFare RFID reader allowing MiFare cards or tags to be used to automatically trigger door relay.  A numeric code may be entered as an additional access option.  This device is connected and powered via a single pair from the main equipment .



A TDS System can accommodate from as few as 10 to more than 1,000 users by adding components to the system as required.

The TDS solution is a sure investment for any business looking to implement productive and advanced features while preserving growth opportunities for the future.


Seamlessly Bring Locations Together

The TDS Series will seamlessly bring multiple locations together via VoIP networking.  Multiple sites can dial each other directly through your own private network.

You ay also integrate workers into your system by providing them with an IP telephone set or even a soft client for their smart phone.


Nurse Call System

TransTel’s Nurse Call System is designed to streamline communication between patient and caregiver by getting critical needs information to the right staff at the right time.  The system can support small clinics or large scale hospitals with over 1,000 beds.  The Nurse Call System can also get critical information to mobile devices, pagers, and cordless phones.

Introducing the TransTel TDS Series Platform

The hybrid IP capability, Door Access Control, and Nurse Call System of the TDS Series allows business team communications to be enhanced and productivity increased.

Advanced Messaging System (AMS)

AMS advanced Auto Attendant can assist any business in managing inbound calls by answering those sudden influxes of callers at various time of the day or allowing callers to direct their call to right person or department within your organization.

Automatic Call Distribution

ACD allows for the queueing of incoming callers with distribution to the next available call agent. TDS ACD functionality includes supervisor operators, live reporting via browser based consoles, and many programmable options tailored to your business needs.

Conference Capabilities

The TDS Series provides your business with integrated conference capability for immediate use while on a call, where each conference can include up to 15 members. Conference room functionality is great for use in a sales meeting where a business has remote staff.


For mission critical applications like hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire rescue, the TDS Series can be configure with redundancy options to assure that communications remain possible even when the primary processor (MPU) or the power supply fail.

Features of the Transtel TDS Series

Get all of the features your business needs to stay ahead

Phone Features:

Absent Message Display

Account Code Display

Backlit Display

Call Duration Timer

Call Processing Information

Call Log Information

Called Extension Name Display

CLI or Caller ID Information

Conference Information

CO Line Groups—Loop Keys

Date and Time Display

Dialed Number

Direct Station Selection & BLF

Enhanced Station Programming

Handsfree Answer Back

Message Waiting Caller Information

Name of Outside Caller

Speaker Phone

Service Features:

Account Code Capability

Advanced Messaging Services


Automatic Call Back (Camp On)

Automatic Redial

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Forwarding (Follow Me)

Call Recording

CLI on Both External & Internal Call

DID Trunk

E911 Compliant

Executive Override

Least Call Routing

Multiple Music On Hold

Paging / Meet-Me Page

Virtual Private Networking

Voice over IP

Wake Up Service

Multi Party Conference

One Touch Dialing

Programmable Keys

Security Code

Speed Dial and Personal Speed Dial

Unified Messaging

TransTel TDS Series Phones

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