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The Right Solutions, At the Right Price

From the initial site survey, to the implementation of services, to support after the sale, Anavon is dedicated to providing your business with the right solutions to exceed your expectations.

Network Solutions

No matter the stage of your business, Anavon can assist in planning, building and upgrading your network.  Setting up a network that is reliable requires planning and careful consideration.  Anavon will evaluate how you use your network and determine the best solutions for your business needs.

Structured Cabling

Structured voice and data cabling is a crucial component in ensuring optimal performance from your network.  Anavon’s services include Cat5e and Cat6 cable installations, coaxial cable installations, and fiber optic cable installations as well.

Project Management

Whether in the early stages of construction, during a move or in the middle of a remodel, the cable infrastructure of your business should be designed with the future in mind.  Anavon will work with your business to determine the best design solutions based upon your needs.

Wireless Access Points

It’s a common convenience to offer your employees and customers the convenience of wifi access.  Anavon specializes in the design and implementation of new wireless networks, upgrading or adding to existing wireless networks, and also the troubleshooting of wireless network problems.

From Construction To Completion

Today’s telecommunications systems have developed into powerful solutions for your business.  However, with this power comes complexity—and in order to take full advantage of these opportunities, you need a partner who will give you more than a one-time service call.  You need a partner like Anavon.

Services We offer:

Telephone Wiring (Cat 3 Cabling)

Telephone Wiring (Cat 5e Cabling)

Networking Wiring (Cat 5e Cabling)

Networking Wiring (Cat 6 Cabling)

Networking Wiring (Cat 6a Cabling)

Fiber Optics Wiring (RG-6)

Fiber Optics (RG-59)

Fiber Optics (RG-11)

Multiple Calling Line ID’s

Test and Certify New & Existing Cabling

Develop Wiring & Connection Diagrams

Service Management (T1 & T3)

Service Management (DS1, DS3, DS4)

Service Management (DSL, ADSL, SDSK, ISDN)

Service Management (Cable Modem)

Service Management (Satellite)

Service Management (Analog)

Service Management (Centrex)

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